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Build Your Own Bidder

In an ID-less world, build your own first-party algorithm to target your customers more effectively. 

Your Own Customer IDs


& Campaign 

Management UI

Custom Bidding Algorithm

Open & Flexible RESTful


Bidding & Targeting Engine

Log-Level Streaming

New Buying Models

Choose from fixed tech fees or a percentage of media and then go further to optimise your pre-bid listening, your bid-to-win ratios and publisher fill rates to deliver more for much less.

SASS model.png

Build Your Own Supply

Have direct relationships with your own network of publishers on any digital channel, from out-of-home, to television to audio or any direct personal device.


Creative Management Platform

Interactive ads on any screen in minutes. Select a template, drag and drop video or images, write your text and publish as an ad to any delivery platform.


Resourcing Solutions

Internal Employee Matching

Prioritise your own under-utilised FTE capacity and mobilise your workforce to fill internal gaps.

Preferred Supplier Panel Management

Digitally manage the allocation of contract work to your preferred suppliers to provide instant visibility of their available resources.

Build Your Talent Community

Our Talent Communities are designed to harness the power of your business network with click of a button.

Managed Service Industry Network

Remove the manual effort of managing responses by email and phone, thereby reducing workload for your company and the companies you work with when engaging contractors.

Our staffing management and recruitment platform makes it easier to hire quickly (short-term or long-term) at a click of a button. 

For a more managed approach, we can bring our talented team and curated contractor network to you, ensuring you get the best of both worlds. 

Data and Automation

Data & Automation

From CRM systems and meta bidder platforms, to automated campaign reporting and financial reconciliation software, we cut the administration from your team's workload so they can focus on more strategic goals. 

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